28. dubna 2010

Gossip Girl: Prep the OR, kiddies. Looks like Jenny Humphrey is scrubbing up to surgically remove a boyfriend.

Rock chick wannabe or whatever...still look fabulous!
Be a bad girl is almost always better...in that moment for sure....

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  1. Thank you for the kind comment! And I'm glad you like my bow! :)

    I don't know much about Taylor Momsen, although I do watch gossip girl ;), but i love her style! I often get inspired by her. It's so brave and personal. I love it when people don't get affected by what is said or done to them, and just keep being who they are and doing (and wearing) what they love to do (and wear). ;)

    Sofia Leo x

  2. ja mam tiez 16nast a nevyzeram takto..:PPP
    bola som prekvapena ked som sa dozvedela ze je len taka mladucka.
    Styl nema zly,ale nie je to moja salka kavy


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